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3 Marketing Rules You Should Be Using in Your Business

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016

3 Marketing Rules You Should Be Using in Your Business

We all know that there are some tried and true marketing rules that are important to use in our everyday business dealings, but time and time again I see marketers missing the importance of these 3 simple rules of marketing.

As I look at businesses today, I see so many that really don’t understand the first thing about marketing. I’m talking mainly about very small businesses her, but I also see it in big business as well.

Most very small companies are started by business people that really only know how to do one thing well. Think about the guy that starts a local pizza shop.

He knows how to make amazing pizza, but if he doesn’t learn some basic marketing, no one is going to know that he makes the best pizza.

So it is important for all businesses to have at least some basic knowledge of marketing and for that reason, I have decided to write this post and illustrate 3 of the most important marketing rules, in my opinion.

3 Marketing RulesRules

1. Reciprocity – Rule of reciprocity has to deal directly with human nature. Basically this rule states that it is in our nature to reciprocate after something has been done for us. As a business, this means that you should be giving stuff away!


I know what your thinking, if I give my stuff away, how I am I going to make any money?

You need to think outside of the box a little here.

You don’t have to give away your products or services, but maybe something related to them.

Perhaps a free consultation that will determine whether the prospect needs your service and why.

Or maybe a digital download that shows a prospect how to use your product effectively.

When you give a prospective customer something of value, it helps to build a relationship and establishes reciprocity, where the prospect then feels an obligation to become your customer.

social proof2. Social Proof – Social proof has been around since long before social networks existed. Basically social proof is establishing that other people are using your product or service and raving about it.

The very first example that comes to mind is testimonials. If you are not using testimonials in your business, then you are not using your marketing skills to their fullest.

Another example of social proof is reviews. If you look at the largest retailer in the world, Amazon, they are masters at social proof.

Think of the last time you shopped at Amazon. If you didn’t read the reviews about the product that you were considering purchasing, then you are in the minority.

3. The Rule of Sevens – The rule of sevens is one of the marketing rules that I learned way back in college and it is still incredibly important today.

This marketing rule states that the average customer has to see your product or message at least seven times before deciding to purchase.

I see so many businesses that give up on a customer or a campaign too early. You have to stick with it and make sure that your prospects have had ample opportunity to investigate and decide on your product and service.


Don’t be one of those businesses that is only good at one thing. It is a very competitive marketplace out there regardless of your niche.

In order to survive in today’s competitive climate, you must be good at many things.

Put these 3 marketing rules to work in your business today and begin to see the effects of their power in increasing your sales and customer retention.

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