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How to Choose a Niche for Marketing – Ideas are Everywhere!

Posted by on Apr 15, 2017

How to Choose a Niche for Marketing – Ideas are Everywhere!

One of the most important steps in building a business and having a product or brand to market comes down to choosing a niche.

I realized today, as I was walking around the city, that niches are literally everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

I stopped into the Matcha Cafe to get my daily Matcha Latte and I sat there enjoying the drink, I realized that Matcha would probably make a good niche.

So I fired up my laptop and started doing some research and what I found was that there are a number of websites that are marketing Matcha.

The one that I liked the most is

They provide a great deal of information about Matcha Green Tea Powder so that their readers can make an educated decision about which Matcha to buy.

So, how do you find a niche like Matcha?

Let’s take a look at how to choose a niche for marketing.

Get out a piece of paper and a pen and make a list of everything that interests you. Put everything down that you have a lot of knowledge about and also put down everything that you would like to learn about.

A lot of choosing a niche advice focuses on keywords, keyword tools, and research right from the start.

It can be confusing and if it seems like they’re trying to sell you some keyword research app, they probably are!
“Find a keyword at least 5,000 searches per month”
“You need my software to do keyword research”
“Make sure the competition isn’t too strong”

When you try to mimic the strategies, things just don’t quite work out. So let’s keep it simple…

Your ultimate goal is to help people gather product information so they can eventually buy something.

Why not go directly to the source: Amazon.

In the days when I first got started with niche sites, I wanted to make it as easy as possible. And avoid my previous mistake of picking a lousy niche. I used this technique to create a niche site that made $10,791 in under 6 months.

The best part?

I started the site completely from scratch.

It was my first Amazon Affiliate site.

I used this technique to find a great product that people really wanted to buy.

And it’s so simple that YOU can do the same thing by the end of this weekend. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Go to and navigate to a department. (Such as “Sports and Outdoors”)

Step 2: Go to a sub category. (Such as “Yoga”)


Step 3: Start diving down deeper. Look at specific product categories. (Such as “Mats”, “Towels”, “Blocks”, “Straps”, or “Starter Sets”). You’ll see top rated products right there.
​​​​​​​Amazon Niche Idea
This works so well because Amazon knows consumers better than they know themselves. The best and top rated products are right there for you to see…

For EVERY SINGLE category. And subcategory.

All you have to do is look. The biggest danger with this is that you’ll get TOO MANY ideas. 🙂

The technique works great if you’re starting a new site or if you’re looking for new product ideas for an existing niche site.

Of course there is a lot more than finding the right niche:
How do I find the right keywords to target?
How do I publish great content for reviews?
How do I get traffic to my site?
How do I promote my site?

We will cover all of these things in our next niche marketing post.

Stay tuned!

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How to Use Infographics in Your Marketing

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016

How to Use Infographics in Your Marketing

Here at Galart we love art and we love marketing, so in today’s post we are going to combine the two and discuss how to use infographics in your marketing.

The proliferation of mobile internet access and the constant availability of information have reduced the attention span of an average individual. In the digital era, marketers have to think creatively to cut through the clutter and be heard by their target audience.

Using infographics in your digital marketing campaign is a refreshing way to grab more eye attention and even render a viral status to your content.

Infographics—the psychology behind ItPsychology behind infographics

  • Human beings process visuals faster than words

History teaches us that humans have always been aligned towards visual art. Cave paintings and hieroglyphics are ample proof of this. The advent of social media networks and internet-capable handheld devices with supreme visual features have provided this form of marketing global success.

  • The allure of color

Variations of colors used in visual communication can elicit a specific reaction or emotional behavior from a viewer. This could also influence his or her subsequent course of action, such as a purchasing decision.

Before we look at how to use infographics in your marketing, let’s look at why you should use infographics.

Content StrategyWhy should infographics be part of your content marketing strategy?

  • Greater chances of catching the audience’s attention

Research shows that visuals are easily processed by human beings. On the other hand, written language allows infinite word combinations that render an in-depth analysis of the subject. Combining text and graphics allows marketers to take advantage of the strengths of both these forms of communication.

  • Improve brand identity and awareness

If used effectively, infographics can increase your site visits by at least 12%.

  • Assist in popularizing content

Compelling visual content attracts people to an extent that they would think about sharing the same within their circles on social media. This could really make your content go viral!

  • Improve search marketing results

Viral content can generate backlinks that boost your search rankings. If you also add highly targeted keywords to your infographic titles and descriptions, the chances of these showing up on top of searches are increased.

  • Portability and comprehension

Infographics are easily portable and can be embedded without too many issues. Studies have shown that visual communication is more relevant to at least 67% of consumers and will grab their attention faster than ordinary text. Moreover, the short and simple text that accompanies visuals makes infographics more palatable to non-English speaking global readers.

How to use infographics in your marketing effectivelyCreative Process

Infographics enable you to weave an emotive story that stands above the sea of information around your target audience. Here are some pointers how to use infographics in your marketing effectively.

Select the right topic

When choosing a topic, refrain from touting your company; instead, cover a trending topic in your industry that will encourage sharing. You can refer to Google Trends, LinkedIn Pulse, RSS aggregators and Twitter hashtags to narrow down on hot topics.

For ideas, browse through the varying styles of infographics available today, and focus on the ones that are relevant to your industry. Instructional infographics are helpful in listing the steps involved in a task. Timeline infographics demonstrate the evolution of things like technology or philosophies. Comparison Infographics accomplish a side-by-side comparison of two concepts.

You can explore options of repurposing old content that was well-received. Even customer survey data that provides helpful insights into your domain will transform into effective infographics.

If a topic has two polarizing arguments, pick one side and create an infographic without being offensive. Fervid responses are good for audience engagement.

Research well

Good research is the baseline of a strong infographic.

Focus on survey data, statistics, and sales reports to provide you fuel for the infographic. However, ensure that your facts and statistics are up-to-date and obtained from credible sources. Also, cite your sources in the infographic footer for the legitimacy of the information.

Include quotes from industry experts and thought leaders to boost the credibility of your infographic. Quotes (particularly humorous ones) are a great way to incorporate a human angle to your argument.

Write a powerful narrative

Think visually while writing for your infographic. Using a copywriter who has a background in graphics or design is a good idea. A great infographic does not hinge on flashy wordplay, but it needs a substantial amount of visual thinking.

Create a narrative that fluidly moves, allowing your readers to easily imbibe the argument and arrive at your conclusion.

Always proofread your narrative to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors. You can also request another person to proofread, for a fresh perspective.

Design the infographic

Do not clutter your infographic with images and text. Incorporate areas of negative space around the elements to improve readability. An infographic is usually 800-1000 pixels wide and longer than that in length. When you add more content, expand it vertically for ease of viewing and sharing.

Colors and text fonts

Select a color palette that aligns with the theme of your infographic. The color scheme should only include 2-4 colors. Any more than this could clutter the design.

When choosing fonts, select two (no more than three) that are most suited to the background and theme.


Do not overly brand your infographic. Just include your company logo and website in the footer of the infographic.

Promote your infographic

When thinking about how to use infographics in your marketing, you must spend a considerable amount of time promoting your infographics.

The following tips will ensure that your infographic creates a good amount of engagement.

  • Optimize your landing page to include social media buttons below the infographic for ease of sharing. Also provide the HTML embed code below the visual so that viewers can easily feature it on their websites if needed.
  • You can also display your infographic at directories that have a large reach. Just follow the submission instructions on the website before doing so.
  • Reach out to bloggers who have written on the same topic and share your infographic with them. If it is an awesome piece of work, they may be interested in featuring it on their blog or provide you backlinks.
  • You can also send your infographics to your mailing list and post it on social media, with a link back to your landing page.
  • Submit your infographic to high quality infographic submission sites like

If your business wants to be successful in the digital era, content marketing is an essential. Using infographics is an effective content marketing strategy that uses relevant and educational visuals that are also enjoyable. This makes it one of the most effective digital marketing tools, as well.

I hope that you have learned how to use infographics in your marketing so that you can begin to put this form of visual art to work for your business.

What better way to end an article on how to use infographics in your marketing than with an infographic!

How to use infographics in your marketing

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How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income. It gives you the chance to earn a commission by selling products that are offered by other companies. Work from the comfort of your home and build a great affiliate marketing strategy to gain success. Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to earn passive income. But it is definitely not simple to embark upon. Once you put in some effort to set it up, you will be ready to roll and make some quick money. Setting up can be a cumbersome task. This article will guide you in how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step.


# 1 – How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step By StepStep by Step


Step 1. Become an affiliate

Pick a profitable niche that you are familiar with. Don’t pick a niche that does not hold up your interest and also pick a niche with revenue potential. If you stick to selling what you know, you are sure to give your best to it. For example, if you are a fashion designer, it makes more sense to sell jewelry than to sell detox teas.
Set up a website to promote your niche. Companies that you hook up with will want to know if you have a website to sell their products. They want to ensure that the content presented on your website does not tarnish their reputation and is primarily used to promote their products. It is easy to start a website, but be sure to add authoritative content on your website and try not to make it too sales oriented.
Research different affiliate providers. Select an affiliate program that provides products in your selected niche. There are many options on the market like Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, etc. Check if the commissions they offer are lucrative and also ensure that you become an affiliate for well-known companies.
Join the affiliate program. Once you have done your research and comparison, select the ideal affiliate program and sign up. Usually signing up does not involve any costs or charges. You can, however, be asked for your bank account information in order to credit any commission that you have earned with successful sales. Also provide the URL of your website.


# 2 of how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step.Marketing Vision

Add affiliate links to your website content. This is a great way to earn commission without posing to be too salesy. Add links to your content that will take the audience to the company’s website and lure them to buy products from there.  For example, if you are writing a blog about wedding jewelry, include the phrase “pearl jewelry” and link the phrase to Amazon’s site that will highlight the options available in that particular section.

Get an accessible link to the company’s products, and creatively set up the links to earn easy commissions. Include captivating visuals in your website content. Another easy way to send customers to the company’s website is by listing attractive pictures in the sidebar of your website. Create visual advertisements for a company’s products and direct traffic easily. Companies with affiliate programs have abundant images and links that can be used to promote their products. So, make efficient use of it and highlight them on your site.

Content marketing. Continue to deliver relevant content that is specific to your niche and constantly update it to match current trends in the market. You want your visitors to keep coming back to your site frequently, and the only way to hold their interest is to keep producing creative content that is most valuable to your visitors. Good content will lure your visitors and make them click your affiliate links and purchase more.
Research and Analytics. You need to know whether the current strategy is working well for you or not. The best way to ensure this is by analyzing information about what you are selling, how you are selling, and to whom you have sold.  Most of the affiliate marketing programs have an analytics page to help you get a clear picture of what is working out best for you. Find your best sellers and device content around it to market them more. Also, use Google analytics to gain insights into the demographics of your visitors, and accordingly customize your content. Eliminate what is not working well and focus on the ads that are working the best.


Marketing#3 – How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Manage your affiliate marketing business

File Taxes. Affiliate marketing brings you additional income, and so you need to declare the income and pay taxes for the same. Your affiliate companies send in tax forms at the beginning of every year. Make sure you receive them so that you can pay your taxes accordingly.
Expand. Keep growing your affiliate marketing business by being up-to-date with new products. Look for new affiliate companies and find if they have any products that interest you. Use social media and other channels to promote the products efficiently and get your audience to keep coming back to you.
Automate and Delegate. Once your business begins to expand, try to delegate some of your tasks to others. You can now focus more on growing your business even further. Also, if you are unable to afford to hire new people, try to automate whatever tasks you can. There are several digital tools out there to help you effectively. manage your business All of this will ensure that you handle only bigger responsibilities while outsourcing easier tasks.
The steps outlined above on how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step will help in your journey of setting up one of the most enterprising businesses of today. Supplement your income and make money in the convenience of your home by following the above simple steps. Your affiliate marketing business can become a huge success when you take the effort to set it up the right way.

As I did the research for this post, I came across an awesome article about a program that teaches you how to get started in affiliate marketing step by step and you can sign up for a free membership.

Here is the article, Wealthy Affiliate Review –

I have joined Wealthy Affiliate under the free membership and I will update with my experience after I have had an opportunity to evaluate the program.

So far, I can tell you that I am pretty impressed with the training and support that is offered as well as the awesome community.

I’d love to hear your opinions of the Wealthy Affiliate program as well as your thought on How to get Started in Affiliate Marketing step by step.

Please leave your comments below.

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SEO Tips and Tricks: How to Rank Higher on All Major Search Engines with a Few Simple Rules

Posted by on Aug 8, 2016

SEO Tips and Tricks: How to Rank Higher on All Major Search Engines with a Few Simple Rules

You have your web pages ready for launch but what are the essential steps you need to take in order to keep rank among the top five on the search engines?
SEO tips and tricks is all you need to know about what to do to make your website rank higher on search engines as it is a fact that the search engines are regulated with complex algorithms, and you need to trick them to believe that your web page deserves to rank among the top searches.

Quality of your contentquality content

Your content must be of good quality, unique, and relevant. You also need to update your content at regular intervals to maintain traffic to your site.

Add more videos to your content to keep the entertainment quotient high.

We all know that videos are way more interesting to watch and remember compared to reading pages of bulky content. Try dominating your pages with more relevant videos about the topic

The benefit of having more videos, especially on your home page, is that now Google is paying more attention towards video searches, hence it’s also a great way of staying on the first page of the search results.

Make your content and web pages more accessible for search engines to rank your website. You can use information such as your location on the website as it helps to upgrade your rank.

Though quality is the topmost priority of the search engines, quantity still matters. The more content you have, the more easily it is to appear in search engine searches.

Here are five most important SEO tips and tricks that are going to make you lead with your website and take the rank of your website to a higher level.

Take care that this is not SEM (search engine marketing) which is something very different. This article will only deal with SEO tips.

SEOTop 5 SEO Tips and Tricks

1. Use keyword in the title tag

The title tag on your page should contain the keyword phrase as it helps to bring that keyword phrase in the search engine index.

Your keyword research should be deep enough as it is the most important part of the optimization. Do your homework and understand traffic patterns, purchase scenarios, and other things. Your keywords should appropriately define your content or what can best describe your product.

Use the various tools of researching your keywords; the different tools have various ways of gathering data.

Also take care that each web page has a unique title, and it should be brief but descriptive enough that can give the customer a rough idea what is the content of the page is going to be about.

2. Keyword density Keyword research

The ratio of keywords and the other text is called the keyword density. The keyword density in your article should range from 3-7% for the primary keyword and 1-2% for other or secondary keywords.

It can be said that keyword density is the percentage of times the word is used in your content. This supports the relevancy of your content with the keyword.

There are many keyword density analyzer tools available for free that calculate keyword density percentages for you.

A search engine recognizes the headlines of your article more than any other text so use the secondary keywords more often in the head tags all through the content.

3. Link yourself to similar sites

When reputed sites on the internet link to your website and your content, it earns you a great reputation. It increases the reliability and credibility of your page.

Get linked to sites that have more credibility such as .edu extensions as they are more reputable.

When you link your site to other sites with similar or matching information, it increases the credibility in that your site contains relevant information about the topic that is being searched for by the customer.

This is probably the most important of the SEO tips and tricks.

4. Have a sitemapsitemap

Though it does not help much in improving your ranking in the searches, it is still very important to include a sitemap on your site, as it helps in faster indexing and alerts the search engine for changed content.

You can go for an XML or a Google sitemap, though a plain HTML site will work too.

Many content management systems have the services to auto-generate XML sitemaps, and there are many tools available too, but then you need to update the sitemap manually at regular intervals.

Once you have made your sitemap, you need to register it with the search engines, this will alert the search engines of the change and update of your content.

Registering your sitemap with Google also points out if there are any errors.

Thus creating a sitemap is one of the most successful SEO tips and tricks.

wordpress5. Content management service

You should use CMS for optimizing your HTML tags with your keywords. The major CMS includes WordPress, Blogger, etc.  CMS will allow you to customize your page title, HTML tags, Meta keywords and description tags.

Drop menus with internal links are also an important feature but do take care that your drop-down menus are not built on Javascript as a few search engines do not process them.

Make sure that the CMS you are using is able to produce an SEO friendly URL, and that they also have a limitation here that they will produce only one unique URL for one page of content. If your CMS is producing more than one unique URL, check for the duplication error with your content.


SEO is a very important part of launching your website and it decides in a major way the traffic to your site.

This part has to be done with utmost care because sometimes the content becomes repetitive and irrelevant if you only focus on the SEO strategies.

Now that you are new in this business, these are the basic things about SEO that you needed to take care of at all times.

Put these SEO tips and tricks to use on your website today!

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3 Marketing Rules You Should Be Using in Your Business

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016

3 Marketing Rules You Should Be Using in Your Business

We all know that there are some tried and true marketing rules that are important to use in our everyday business dealings, but time and time again I see marketers missing the importance of these 3 simple rules of marketing.

As I look at businesses today, I see so many that really don’t understand the first thing about marketing. I’m talking mainly about very small businesses her, but I also see it in big business as well.

Most very small companies are started by business people that really only know how to do one thing well. Think about the guy that starts a local pizza shop.

He knows how to make amazing pizza, but if he doesn’t learn some basic marketing, no one is going to know that he makes the best pizza.

So it is important for all businesses to have at least some basic knowledge of marketing and for that reason, I have decided to write this post and illustrate 3 of the most important marketing rules, in my opinion.

3 Marketing RulesRules

1. Reciprocity – Rule of reciprocity has to deal directly with human nature. Basically this rule states that it is in our nature to reciprocate after something has been done for us. As a business, this means that you should be giving stuff away!


I know what your thinking, if I give my stuff away, how I am I going to make any money?

You need to think outside of the box a little here.

You don’t have to give away your products or services, but maybe something related to them.

Perhaps a free consultation that will determine whether the prospect needs your service and why.

Or maybe a digital download that shows a prospect how to use your product effectively.

When you give a prospective customer something of value, it helps to build a relationship and establishes reciprocity, where the prospect then feels an obligation to become your customer.

social proof2. Social Proof – Social proof has been around since long before social networks existed. Basically social proof is establishing that other people are using your product or service and raving about it.

The very first example that comes to mind is testimonials. If you are not using testimonials in your business, then you are not using your marketing skills to their fullest.

Another example of social proof is reviews. If you look at the largest retailer in the world, Amazon, they are masters at social proof.

Think of the last time you shopped at Amazon. If you didn’t read the reviews about the product that you were considering purchasing, then you are in the minority.

3. The Rule of Sevens – The rule of sevens is one of the marketing rules that I learned way back in college and it is still incredibly important today.

This marketing rule states that the average customer has to see your product or message at least seven times before deciding to purchase.

I see so many businesses that give up on a customer or a campaign too early. You have to stick with it and make sure that your prospects have had ample opportunity to investigate and decide on your product and service.


Don’t be one of those businesses that is only good at one thing. It is a very competitive marketplace out there regardless of your niche.

In order to survive in today’s competitive climate, you must be good at many things.

Put these 3 marketing rules to work in your business today and begin to see the effects of their power in increasing your sales and customer retention.

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The Art of the Sale

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016

The Art of the Sale

Two of my favorite things are art and marketing, so today I am going to combine my two interests and write about the art of the sale.

Let’s face it, marketing is nothing more than finding a way to get conversions. And what are conversions?

Yes, they are sales.

Many marketers will tell you that selling is an art form, yet many others will say it is not an art, it is a skill.

I will take that one step further and profess that selling is a skill, but when perfected, it is an art form. Otherwise, what other explanation would there be for the highly skilled salesman that makes many more sales than another highly skilled salesman in the same field.

I’ll give you the explanation…

The more successful salesman has perfected his craft to the point that it is an art form.the art of the sale

Some authorities on the subject disagree.

According to this article in Forbes, selling is not and art, but rather a skill that can be learned by anyone.

Here are some suggestions for mastering the art of the sale:

  • Find your customers problem and offer them a solution.
  • Show your customer the difference that your product or service will make in their lives.
  • Provide your customer with value and remember that value is not the cheapest product.
  • Don’t sell your product, sell the problem that your product solves.

I think most of us have had at least one terrible sales experience and probably more than one.

Think back. Was it a lack of skill or a lack of artfulness that made that experience so bad.

In his book, “The Art of the Sale”, Philip Delves Broughton suggests that “”It holds that in a properly functioning democracy, no matter the condition of your birth, if you can sell, you can slice through any obstacles of class, status, or upbringing in a way inconceivable in more hidebound societies,” Mr. Delves Broughton writes. “Selling well, in this view, is also a reflection of a healthy character. It means you are the sort of person people are drawn to—hardworking, clean living and trustworthy.”

That may be the whole key to the art of the sale…

To be the kind of person that is hard working, likeable, and trustworthy.

I really enjoyed Mr. Delves Broughton’s book and highly recommend that you add it to your reading list. It is available at art of the sale

So the art of the sale is of great importance to everyone, regardless of your profession. If you really think about it, we are all in sales at one time or another. Some of us will sell products, some information and some of us will have to sell ourselves to a prospective employer or the college or university we wish to attend.

At the end of the day, we are all involved in sales in one form or another and every individual could benefit from the art of the sale!

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Best Internet Marketing Tips That Will Launch You To The Stars!

Posted by on Jun 4, 2016

Best Internet Marketing Tips That Will Launch You To The Stars!

Succeeding in internet marketing can be rather tricky because there is so many competitors out there, still internet marketing remains one aspect of online branches that can be incredibly lucrative. If you want to learn more about internet marketing you have come to the right place!

Why Internet Marketing Is Important?

On the off chance that you need to be fruitful at your business you will need to deal with your advertising abilities. So as to improve your prosperity, you will need to stay aware of the present patterns and utilize the Internet promoting as your method for publicizing. There are various strides which may help you to chip away at your Internet showcasing aptitudes, nonetheless, the best formula for achievement is to constantly take a shot at your abilities and on your advertising. Just through constant work and duty will you have the capacity to accomplish astounding results.4-important-digital-marketing-channels-for-beginners

  1. Your Customers Are The Number One Priority!

It is enormously vital that you indicate admiration to your clients in each conceivable way. Not just that your clients will sense your genuineness, yet they will likewise welcome your appreciation. Keep in mind that deceitful techniques that are frequently utilized, for example, spamming and fake promoting, will regularly lead you into a deadlock with regards to connecting with clients. Your Internet showcasing procedure will must be centered around your clients, and you ought to do all that you can keeping in mind the end goal to make them feel good with your image and your organization. On the off chance that your clients figured out how to remember you as something they need and feel identified with, you will accomplish better results with your deals.

  1. Customers’ Needs And Expectations!

134Your clients ought not be tormented with Internet advertising, or constrained into purchasing something that they needn’t bother with. Rather, you ought to utilize your advertising abilities to make your clients trust that they require your items or administrations. Obviously, this should be possible via deliberately picking your Internet showcasing systems and making your clients trusted that they are not controlled, or are affected by your Internet promoting techniques, however that they are really offered with an astounding and awesome chance to utilize your administrations. You have likely observer to this yourself, when you needed to purchase something that you didn’t generally require, yet felt truly powerful urge to do as such at any rate in light of good Internet showcasing techniques that of the organizations use.

  1. Pre-Anticipate Problems And Solutions

customer-centricMuch sooner than you encounter any kind of issues with your Internet promoting systems, you ought to have the capacity to take a seat and pre-expect the issues being referred to. Additionally, you ought to have the capacity to think about the important moves which ought to make place keeping in mind the end goal to take care of these issues.

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